Sunday, 1 February 2015

Moved in

Moving is such an exhausting process. My back hurts, I'm tired, we're all a bit cranky but we're finally in our new house. We first met with a Wisdom Homes sales person in early January 2013 and now two years later we're sitting in our new home. Would we do it again? Are we happy with it? It's way too early to answer those questions properly, but yes, we'd probably do it again. Happy? Mostly.

No pictures just yet as there is no phone connection and hence no Internet. Besides, there are boxes everywhere. Why no Internet? Telstra need to run a cable from one crusty old pit to a new pit outside our house and have stated it might be a few weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if it took months.

Things they don't tell you until the end:

  • If you do your own landscaping you can only get an interim occupancy certificate, it costs around $350. Wisdom will either pay this, or you pay it and they will cover the full certificate as long as you complete it within 12 months - the final certificate is around $600ish.
  • If you do your own landscaping the Termguard is only sprayed. The spray lasts about a year. It's up to you to have it filled later at a cost of nearly $400.

Anyway, I'll update with some pictures and more information as soon as possible. I plan on blogging our landscaping work too.


  1. A huge congratulations!! I hope you are enjoying turning it into a home :)

  2. Right now, I'm frustrated at the amount of boxes of crap that we have. So frustrating! How is your house going?

  3. Congratulations on getting your keys!

    I look forward to seeing your photos once you get your Internet and to following your landscaping.


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